artist proofs

monoprints by Canadian artist, Wendy Skog

on archival papers and metal plate

Switching Tracks pigment ink on archival sugar cane paper 22 x 28 in. W. Skog

CreativeWork: Printmaking

Artist's proofs are one of a kind unique prints hand rendered digitally and studio printed. They often explore a similar image providing the opportunity to display them as a set.

Archival artist's proofs by well-known Canadian artist, Wendy Skog, explore the representations of nature, visual irony, and classical romanticism using digital media in the artistic and creative response to current world affairs, the information revolution and the accumulation of historical events. These one of a kind, aesthetic expressions are a synergistic response to the ever changing technological environment and the depletion of the natural environment. Remarkably, each mono-print is an original creation, not merely a reproduction of an artwork and therefore singularly genuine.

pixelations are original creations

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